Banaras Travel

Welcome to India! My name is a Ranjit Kumar Pandey, and I have have been taking visitors like you through India. Come experience the real India with me. Visit Agra, where I make my home, and see the famous Taj Mahal. Explore the holy city of Banaras (Varanasi) and experience all that it has to offer.  I have been honored to receive a certificate from the Ministry of Defense for an excellent guided tour.

Let me know if there is any place in Varanasi you would like to visit or any ashram. Visit with the Aghoori (a small group of ascetic Shaiva sadhus). View the cremation areas or experience a  night cremation view.  Listen to the spiritual Baba reciting in the early morning– receive a prayer for to have a baby or marriage–it’s happening in India.  And these experiences you may have now for the lowest rates.  A reading with an astrologer, essential oils, and all things spiritual are possible in Varanasi.