My husband and I highly recommend the tour guide services of Ranjeet Panday. As first timers, India is an amazing but overwhelming country and Ranjeet helped us navigate everything along the way in our time in Varanasi for a smooth, well organized and extremely enjoyable trip. Ranjeet was a very lively and fun person and it translated into his tours. He included a lot of information about the Hindu religion and spirituality which was really interesting and informative. We thoroughly enjoyed everything, but highlights from the trip were taking a boat ride on the Ganges and watching the river festival. Ranjeet knew all of the hidden gems of the city and showed us amazing things that not every tour group got to see. His choice in restaurants was also superb – we had some of the best meals of our trip from his recommendation. If you are in Varanasi, you must use Ranjeet as your guide!!

Nick Novicki & Teale Sperling

Pratima G
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Reviewed 17 February 2015 – TripAdvisor
Had a beautiful two night stay at Hotel Rivatas by Ideal. We were received by the front desk staff with courtesy. The rooms were good size – not too small and not too big  and it was clean. We asked the hotel for a tour guide and they put us in touch with the hotel travel desk who arranged for us a Uttar Pradesh qualified Tour Guide. The Tour Guide’s name was Ranjit Kumar Pandey. His Tel. No. is +919307802515. He had a thorough knowledge of the city and took us to some of the places we would not have visited otherwise. He knew his way around and explained the history in details which made our trip so much more enriched.

In the evening he took us for a boat ride on the Ganges and we experienced the Aarti on the Ghat by sitting in the boat. It was incredible. Later before the Aarti finished he took us right where the Sadhus were doing the Aarti and we had excellent opportunity to see it from close up. If you are visiting Varanasi, call him and he will definitely make your trip a lot more richer.