Total Spiritual Tour Varanasi is the center of spirituality in India. This will be an opportunity for you to see and feel real sanctity of life of the Hindu–the perfect concentration of positive energy. The narrow alleys of Varanasi is example of how life and death both are close. Natural cremation is platform for moksha (salvation) for the Hindu. The morning starts with the creation of karma for next life and for own generation.  The evening ceremony of nature on the river Ganga (holy river), the land of knowledge, the land of learning and burning, the flow of spirituality in sky.  Spirituality is in the sounds of Varanasi in essence or the aroma. Experience the culture of astrology, Ayurveda, mantra, caste, and karma. The Spiritual Tour begins in the morning at 5am and concludes at 10am (timing 4-5 hrs).

Your tour includes: 1. Spiritual walking with traditional music 2. Mantra and sandalwood tika (a mark on the forehead) 3. Holy conch and purification 3. A boat tour with candlelight offering. 4. A talk with holy Sadhoo and a visit to a Shiva temple where prayers are performed inside. 5. Breakfast 7. A walk down the narrow alleys of the holy city 8. A visit to the natural cremation site. 9. Hospitality visit and end of tour

Photography Tour Varanasi is the perfect location for photos that tell the ancient and spiritual. Here is the place of narrow streets (gali), the view of the ghats in the morning and in afternoon visiting a village where you find the traditional game of wrestling (kabaddi). Photographing the flower market, the birds in the market, and the potmaker’s house. In the evening take a boat ride for the perfect shot of the Indian sunset or shore of the city. View the natural and spiritual side of Varanasi, from the farmland to the cremation area.
Village Tour On the village tour you will experience the real Indian lifestyle.  Without ego it is set with natural beauty. View houses, orchards, and a favorite sport of wrestling on the ground. Visit the old potmaker’s house.  There are four castes in India.–see each caste and experience the differences in their lives. Visit with a family and play with the children. A trip to the house of greatest novelist of Hindu literature in the world.  A visit to a village is an experience in natural beauty, from ponds to the bamboo forest. An of rustic beauty in a visit to a school and village temple.

Sarnath Tour
Experience the site where the Buddha gave his first teachings.  On the site of the famous deer park in Sarnath is a stupa marking the site.  Filling the area are ancient ruins of the first Sangha.  While in Sarnath we will visit the Sarnath Museum and see the famous Gupta period sculpture of the Buddha giving his first teachings, and the Ashokan Pillar

Varanasi Holy Spiritual Tour
  • 5 seater transport (luxury) arrival and departure to airport or station with Varanasi sightseeing.
  • Special prayer in jyotirlinga kashi with high level mantra that applies a spiritual vibration within your soul and mind. It provides you with time to understand and ask the question, Who Am I?
  • Ashram visit talk to holy baba. Real interaction with real natural life with aghoori, a group of ascetic Shaiva sadhus, that hold actual human skulls.
  • One pure vegetarian lunch or dinner for each person
  • Meditation in world famous yogi house near the holy gang river in the holies city for Hindus in India–Varanasi.
Tour package for two days (1-5) pax in 295 USD